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JOB SEARCH IS OVER!!!!!      I am so thrilled to annouce this!

I am working  full time at a company in Hudson NH called National Granite which is a place  that install granite counter tops.    My first week there is in the books    and I couldn;t be more happy.   This  what I have been waiting and working so hard for    almost two years.      I will be working at the Y  on weekends at least until the  Holidays are over and then  I will focus on this new  job.    I am so excited!!

On the sadder side of things  my grandmother lost her batttle with Alzhimer's on Sept 10th. Needless to say it was a rough   month of  Septembr     I miss her dearly but know she is watching over me.

 Got into the  Holiday Show at the Amato Ctr and  had my first rehearsal Wednesday. Excited to be in the Christmas play.  This year we are doing two one act plays.   I am a teacher in one and one of the 3 wisemen the the other.     I am also doing sound design for the PTA play this yeats. CATS just wasn't my show so  I decided to work backstage instead.

Life is good! Very good. 

29 and mighty fine

Another year.. another birthday.  I am officially in the last year of my 20s!  OMG!

Most of my celebrating was done last week.  On the 19th  I had a party with my friends.  We basically just hung out.  It was  a Broadway themed movie night so  we did musical  trivia and  watched Chicago.  On  the 20th  I went out to dinner with my parents and sister at Stella  Blu.   It was a combined celebration as my  sister left for her internship in Alaska.  I am going to miss her a lot while she is gone.  Last weekend   Matt and I went to  Massachuetts  to go to the Cummington Fair.  It was our first time going and it was a lot of fun.  Monday   we went  mini golfing at Poneham Green  and walking in Amherst Village and then to my parents house for dinner.  Yesterday was my actual birthday and it was not very exciting because I mostly did paperwork that I need to send into Gateways and  then worked.   Matt and  I watched a movie last night called The Big Wheel.  Didn't really care for it too much to be honest.    I have also been reading a lot lately.   I have read about  5 or 6 books in  the past month. The most recent book I completed was  Silver Linings  Playbook  which is the book the  Oscar nominated movie with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley  Cooper was based on.   It was really good.   Highly recommended!

My job search is ongoing but  I am hoping  to get a job at the Nashua Center that is part time.  I will also be getting some more hours at the Y starting  within the next week.  
My grandmother's health continues to decline.  I get sadder and sadder each time  I visit her in the nursing home.  I really hope  is that she doesn't have to suffer too much longer.
I had a play audition for Young Frankenstien with Actorsingers  on August 10th. Did not get in but I am planning to help out with publicity.  Was going to work backtage but decided I would much rather see the show instead.
Working backstage for Passion For Dracula at the Amato Center in Mid-October.  My friend Kevin is directing it.  It should be a fun show!
I am finally joining Souhegan Valley Chorus.  So excited!    Schedule has been my  main issue with joining in the past but  I am going to be working in the early part of the afternoon on Tuesdays.    I am doing the YMCA Choir at least for the first two of three weeks of the semester and  if  I determine it is too much for my schedule  I will drop out.
My mom is writing a book about my disabilities and I am going on tour with her in January to help her promote it.  I am looking forward to this  a lot!

Year 29 has a lot to  look forward to.   The celebration for my 30th birthday next summer will be EPIC!

Short thought

   One thing about myself  I wish  I could change is the fact that sometimes  I can be   in people's faces too much with either emailing or posting stuff on Facebook.     I have seen a common trend  about this  and a few relevant situations have arisen over the past couple years.  It gets me down sometimes because my intent is never to annoy people or push them away but that's what seems to happen.

I don't know if it's related to my disability or what.  I just find it frustrating. 

Please answer honestly

How many people actually still  read this journal?

I feel too lazy to delete it so  I will probably  still keep it active  updating  at least once or twice a month.  I am not on here as often as  I used to be because  I mostly post on wordpress now.

 If followers would prefer to follow me on there   the links are below

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Writing prompts and random  ramblings...  updates on my personal life will appear in this blog every so often,

Respond  letting me  know if you read this still and   I will still continue to update. 

Hello Young Lovers whereever you are

Hello Everyone!!

I haven't updated in two years.   To be perfectly  honest  I have lost interest in keeping an online journal with relevance  to my personal life,  I also  no longer use tumblr and have since moved to wordpress. 

A brief recap

  1. Princess  K,.I.M was a  hit last fall. We had  wonderful turnout. Thanks to everyone who supported us and  came to the show

  2. I am in the PTA Play Seussical The Musical as a  Who,   Rehearsals have  been keeping me busy   9 DAYS til opening night.

  3. Matt and I have been together for 6 years. We have discussed  possibly  getting  married in 2016 but nothing is set in stone

  4. I have been Living in Nashua for almost 2 years and love it!

  5. Still working  at the Y and love it!   Searching for a second part time job is a  stressful and ongoing process.

  6. My grandmother's health has steadily  declined in the past 7 months.  I hate going to see her in the nursing home because  I can't stand to see her the way she is.

  7. I was hit by a car while crossing the street in  August.  I have recovered from my injuries.  Trying to rebuild my confidence with crossing the street.

For those of you who even still have livjeournal and update it frequently  I would like to mention that this will probably be last you will see of me on this site.     I am in the process of deactivating all my livejournal accounts due to lack of use.  Please follow me on tumblr if you are not doing so already

Personal Tumblr: http://heyitsj9.tumblr.com
Theatere Reviews: http://theatrereveiwer826.tumblr.com

My personal tumblr may be deactivated eventually as  I find less and less reason to keep a personal online diary.  I haven't fullly decided if I am going to deactivate it yet.

Please also follow the blog for  my current theatrical endeavor  Princess  K.I.M, The Musical (assuming you are not already doing so)

Please also follow us on twitter @PrincessKIMPlay  and facebook

Have a lovely day y'all!

Writer's Block: Film therapy

Are there any movies you watch when you're feeling anxious or depressed? If so, what are they, and what about them calms you down and/or lifts your spirits?

When  I am feeling down   I will always watch a good comedy movie.   Laughter is best cure for any type of negative feeling.

Writer's Block: So far so good

What's the best movie you've seen so far this year? How about the best song? The best book?

Best Book  Running With Scissors   I know  it has been out for awhile but I finally  got around to reading it. It is  a good mix of funny and sad.  One of the most powerful book I've ever read.
Best song: Hair from the Revival Cast Recording of HAIR
Best movie    There's a tie for this category. The first movie is Precious because there are so many gut wrenching  scenes in it that make you want to cry and so many times when you  want to feel so happy for Precious for the way she is trying to turn her life around and  Alice  In Wonderland because it's just an amazing movie and Tim Burton is  a genius. :)

Writer's Block: Another sleepless night

Do you suffer from occasional or frequent insomnia? Do you have any special tricks or remedies? How does it impact your life?

Never have  suffered from insomnia.,  Cant reccommend any remedies.

Writer's Block: Thoughts on Exercising

Do you like to exercise? Why or why not?

I do like to excercise  I just don't do it as much or as often as  I should.  I must get on this.